Our History

While in college, Rick and Gerri Gouthro went shopping for engagement rings and during this experience, Rick made a major decision in his life to pursue a career in the jewelry industry.

Since 1976 through 2004, Rick was in the retail side of the business as a Store Manager, District manager and Director of Stores for a major corporation. In 1994, Rick made the decision to pursue a sales position for a major jewelry manufacturer of fine jewelry. Within a short time, Rick was promoted to Vice President of sales and marketing.

In 2009, Rick and Gerri formed the company, Diamond Emotions, where it was not solely about the sales, but more about the customer. With years of watching the industry change, he and Gerri wanted to make sure the concept of ‘emotion’ stayed strong throughout the company. “It’s all about emotion!” he would always say and until this day, it is still about that one idea, emotion.

Four years later, Diamond Emotions has grown to be a major competitor throughout the Midwest and continues to expand across the United States and Canada. With exceptional craftsmanship, Diamond Emotions is proud to offer you the best quality in our products.

“A great deal of devotion and care is put into the designs we offer to our customers. We take pride in the quality and selection we offer as well as the uniqueness of the designs.

Diamond Emotions is shaping the jewelry industry as we know it. With new, creative designs from bridal to silver showcased in elegant displays, you will never be disappointed with what we can achieve. Expand your imagination and allow us to create the impossible with you.

We look forward to serving you and becoming a part of your business.”

-Rick Gouthro, President

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